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"I started seeing Emmanuelle in January of this year , I had severe trauma from a 21 ft fall in 2017 as well as Neuropathy on my right side as a result of throat cancer and surgery that removed 40 lymph nodes from my neck in 2020. At the time I was taking 800 milligrams of Gabapentin twice a day. She has been nothing short of amazing, working with me over the last year and has taken great pride in helping me work thru all of my trauma. I travel 2 hours to see her and she has done 2-4 hour appointments to help me along. She is truly amazing in her therapies as well as helping me by recommending other programs to help me learn about Neuroplasticity and my entire nervous system. She is trained in several therapies and has used a combination to bring me back to a mostly pain free lifestyle. I have not taken any pain meds for over 6 months... If you want relief and help with your system to relieve pain and tension I highly recommend Emmanuelle."
Nov 27, 2023
"After many years of looking for a therapist that helps me to heal my sciatic pain without medicine, I had the blessing to met Emmanuelle. Thanks to her therapy I could sleep better, my hormones and nervous system are more balanced, and my sciatic is much much better. She will listen to you with kindness, she has the skill to connect with your emotions and help you to hear what the wisdom of your body is telling you. I recommended her. It's a great professional and excellent human being. "
Mar 06, 2021

I have found Emmanuelle unique in her abilities to provide pain relief and restore function. Over the last few years I have pursued several non-surgical treatments for pain from worsening scoliosis. I recently found Emmanuelle and she was able to successfully treat my condition within a few sessions . Releasing the restrictions resulting from my scoliosis has allowed me to successfully use the "Schrauth method" of physical therapy to maintain these improvement. I feel so fortunate to have found such a skilled practitioner.

Peggy D. 03/06/2019 9:18 AM

I started seeing Em years ago to get a running-related calf injury massaged in order to get through the next race. Little did I know I was about to go through an onslaught of running injuries, surgeries, illnesses, freak incidents, never mind chronic back pain on top of it. Through each incident, Em worked with me not only on the obvious issue at hand but also working a little deeper to address more root cause issues. Although I tend to show up at her door as Humpty Dumpty who fell off the wall again, her very sensitive hands always seem to know what most to address to put me back together again. Her career development from traditional massage to a holistic body therapy approach demonstrated her ability is incredibly intuitive or at least very in tune with the needs of her clients. Although sometimes her treatment it is not obvious right away like a traditional deep massage approach, she has resolved significant issues when traditional medicine or massage could only offer a band aid. Her warm, positive attitude combined with her intuitive hands and vast anatomical knowledge has been a gem to find.

Alison G. 08/02/2019 8:15 AM

I called Emmanuelle when I was in a panic. My back was spasming and I could hardly get off the floor, and every place I called was booked (because it was a Saturday) but, almost fatefully, I saw her on Mind Body and she was empathetic enough to open up something in her day for me. After one or two sessions, I decided to purchase a package as maintenance. Seemed like a way better fit for me than visiting a chiropractor (and yoga may not be quite enough).

I was a little weary at first, just because you can not feel what she's doing quite as much as I was used to (deep tissue, etc.) but it was clear that each area she decided needed attention was treated effectively (a lot of times it was my stomach, and of course parts of my back). She did communicate with me non verbally a couple of times which came back with some very interesting feedback - and it led to some peace with something that I may otherwise have taken longer to get to, or just left unresolved. I always enjoyed going to these sessions, Emmanuelle is very sweet, her home is lovely, sometimes we would even take about personal life, she makes it easy for you to feel welcome. If you are experiencing back pain, migraines, carpal tunnel, etc. definitely give Emmanuelle a try! She's very informed and can tell you exactly what she's doing and why - which I always found interesting. Thanks, Emmanuelle! I may be back sometime soon.

Meg D 11/19/2018 3:54 PM

About 10 years ago, I started to experience leg cramps, quite severe, which made it difficult to walk and sit for long. Regular medicine was no help and regular chiropractic was some help but not enough. I was referred for regular physical therapy, and while some strength building happened, there was a plateau. I was looking for someone who could help and knew how to locate issues. I found Emmanuelle through my chiropractor.

She found problem areas quickly and was able to relieve back pain and leg pain. Over time, Emmanuelle trained for visceral manipulation, was able to ?listen? to my body more accurately and do very subtle work that had even better results. A year ago I was diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis and was scheduled for surgery which I cancelled because I was not experiencing pain.

Emmanuelle has now added cranial sacral work to her repertoire. This has made results even better with the added benefit of longer pain-free periods. I can walk a mile to work, climb stairs somewhat normally, and sleep better because of her work. Five years ago I had radiation therapy for anal cancer. Em has been able to work on tissue to relieve adhesions and free up nerves in that area. Childhood polio in just one leg had left a limp and generally rotated spine which has greatly improved. I can see how some folks think her work is too light because they are used to deep tissue massage. But she really made a difference. She has been responsible for keeping this 71 year- old move better and enjoy life.

Bill R 8/20/2018 9:55 AM

I started going to Manual Therapy by Emmanuelle to help me relax as I had heard manual therapy could help with stress relief. What I didn't expect was that sessions with Em would actually help me process many emotions that had been hiding under the surface from years of depression and a recent experience with grief. Working with Em helps me gain clarity, process my feelings and overall feel happier and more at peace. After being in talk therapy for years, it's amazing to see how much managing depression has improved in only a few short months in my work with Em. If you have suffered at all emotionally, I highly recommend working with Em. It's one of the best things I've ever done!

Jessie M 9/07/2018 11:22 AM