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Manual Therapy by Emmanuelle
Manual Therapy By Emmanuelle offers a gentle, hands-on holistic therapy solution to chronic pain and body conditions. Emmanuelle’s therapy helps improve whole-body health by treating body structural imbalances due to physical and emotional traumas accumulated throughout life’s journey.

Her goal is to help you be free of pain associated with chronic suffering, including migraines, TMJ syndrome, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, or recurring back pain.

What sets Emmanuelle’s practice apart from most common bodywork practices is her ability to customize each session. Her unique assessment techniques as well as her ability to choose and combine therapies, including craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, visceral vascular manipulation, and myofascial release ensure the best outcome possible for each session. Her focus is placed on the entire body to pinpoint the source of the pain(s) in order to create long-lasting results.
Emmanuelle was introduced to these holistic modalities when seeking a remedy to her first passion and career in skydiving. During this time, she experienced her fair share of traumas which, ultimately, left her incapacitated and unable to live the life she knew. Her lower back injuries limited her so much that she was unable to bend down without fear of excruciating pain. After receiving visceral manipulation therapy and releasing her coccyx which was pulling on her entire central nervous system, she was immediately able to bend down without pain.

Holistic Pain Relief

After a few more sessions focusing on releasing fascial tension in her abdomen, her pain had diminished from a constant 8 to a 2. Next, she received four Craniosacral therapy sessions which completely healed her SI joint pain. Within a few months, her excruciating, debilitating pain was a distant memory, at last! Emmanuelle’s first-hand experience as a patient combined with her impressive education and experience in the field of holistic therapy allows her to find the root of your pain. While she always recommends being seen by a physician and getting the necessary tests to have a full picture of what is and what isn’t Emmanuelle’s philosophy is to first work with natural, holistic modalities before beginning a more intensive western approach to pain and conditions.
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