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Manual Therapy by Emmanuelle facilitates effective treatment from chronic pain in a private and relaxing setting. Emmanuelle is familiar with the potential of holistic treatment, and she looks forward to helping all clients live free from pain and discomfort. Whether you are suffering from chronic pain or are considering methods for improving your recovery from an injury, Emmanuelle will provide the treatment and support you need to feel better. Her therapy care rates in Philadelphia, PA, are below. 

What to Expect

The holistic therapy care plan utilizes a variety of treatments, including craniosacral therapy. This healing modality encourages vitality and instilling a sense of well-being. It emphasizes a hands-on approach, characterized by soft touch that improves the circulation around the brain and spinal cord. This modality complements the body’s natural healing processes. 

All new clients begin with an initial consultation. You can expect a physical assessment, where Emmanuelle will work with you to identify your health and pain issues. At this point, a customized therapy protocol will be drafted. 

On average, a treatment program includes 4 to 6 sessions before clients witness a tangible reduction in pain and related symptoms. Clients with more severe or ongoing pain may require additional sessions or longer appointments. 

About the Lifestyle Care Plan

Emmanuelle is a firm believer in self-care, and she encourages you to design a lifestyle care plan to supplement craniosacral therapy. Much like how brushing your teeth is a great way to promote dental health, making smart changes to your lifestyle can contribute greatly towards your overall health and wellness. Likewise, the effects of craniosacral therapy will be stronger if you adopt positive habits and implement proper nutrition. 

As its name suggests, the lifestyle care plan emphasizes lifestyle changes, such as adjustments to your diet, implementing meditation, and light to moderate exercise. Emmanuelle takes a supportive approach to helping you make gradual adjustments to your routine and demonstrating how you can make little improvements now that will lead to big changes in the future. 

Pricing for Emmanuelle’s therapy and lifestyle care packages are listed below. You may book an initial session to learn more about your options and then choose the package that best fits your needs.

Therapy Care Pricing

Initial Therapy

One 75 min session

Includes intake review, physical assessment + a 60 min session

5 Sessions
Therapy Package

Five 40-60 min sessions

Part of the Therapy protocol plan used following initial session

To be used during the 5 weeks following the initial session unless intensive protocol needed


Lifestyle Care Pricing

6 Month Lifestyle
Care Package

Six 40-60 min sessions

Recommended as part of a lifestyle care package
(10% discount)

Package to be used within 6 months of purchase date

12 Month Lifestyle
Care Package

Twelve 40-60min sessions

Best lifestyle care value package
(15% discount)

Package to be used within 12 months of purchase date


Contact Emmanuelle and arrange an initial session for manual therapy or lifestyle care. Manual Therapy by Emmanuelle is based in Philadelphia and serves the surrounding area.

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