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Plans for Therapy Treatments in Philadelphia, PA

Rejuvenate yourself with therapy treatments in Philadelphia, PA. Every new client will start their therapy treatments with a thorough review of the intake form as well as a physical assessment. Manual Therapy by Emmanuelle will customize subsequent therapy sessions and length of therapy protocol for best results. 

Following the initial session, 4 to 6 sessions are usually necessary to see a tangible reduction of symptoms and pain. More sessions may be required for more severe and ongoing pain that has been with you for an extended period of time.

Lifestyle Care Plan

As a caregiver, Emmanuelle knows the importance of self-care. As she makes sure she receives monthly therapy as part of her healthy lifestyle choices, she also encourages you to create a personal health lifestyle plan. 

Just as you have a routine for brushing your teeth, eating three meals a day, and exercising regularly, consider hands-on therapy a great adjunct for maintaining your body, mind, and spirit. It can also help keep pain and conditions at bay. Your mind and body will thank you for it in the short and long run. Each session will give you a feeling of deep relaxation, while also helping you obtain better functioning immune and endocrine systems.

Emmanuelle’s Commitment to You

Emmanuelle is dedicated to fully helping each and every client. Her holistic approach to physical therapy targets imbalances due to physical and emotional trauma. Her goal is to assist you in obtaining a life free of chronic pain. Her firsthand experience and her impressive education allow her to locate the root cause of your pain. In this way, she is able to tailor your hands-on therapy sessions accordingly. 

There’s no need to suffer through your daily life. Relief is attainable. Allow Emmanuelle to help you heal your whole body. After a few sessions of therapy treatments, you’ll begin to feel restored. Your body will be stronger and healthier than you thought possible. Your stress will melt away and become a distant memory. 

Emmanuelle has the skills necessary to turn your life around. When you want the best in physical therapy, you want a professional. Emmanuelle possesses extensive knowledge of the body’s muscle groups and how to target them with specific techniques. She will work with you to determine what your body needs. In her hands, you will be clay that she kneads into a brand new, healthier individual. Restore your mind and body with her therapy treatments. 

Contact us to find out more about Emmanuelle’s therapy treatments. Proudly serving clients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas.

Therapy Care Pricing

Initial Therapy

One 75 min session

Includes intake review, physical assessment + a 60 min session

5 Sessions
Therapy Package

Five 40-60 min sessions

Part of the Therapy protocol plan used following initial session

To be used during the 5 weeks following the initial session unless intensive protocol needed


Lifestyle Care Pricing

6 Month Lifestyle
Care Package

Six 40-60 min sessions

Recommended as part of a lifestyle care package
(10% discount)

Package to be used within 6 months of purchase date

12 Month Lifestyle
Care Package

Twelve 40-60min sessions

Best lifestyle care value package
(15% discount)

Package to be used within 12 months of purchase date


Do you have questions before booking your initial session? Please call Emmanuelle at (267) 428-6728.

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